Selling In Portland

Amazing agent! I am so so pleased with her and anyone can reach out to me with questions about how she works. I truly couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Jessica! I was a total worrier coming into this market and Jessica was so kind and helpful with all my concerns. Not to mention she got me top dollar for my place!
— Katrina | Seller, 2016

So, you've been watching the market and you're thinking it's about time to sell your home. Maybe the kids have flown the coop and downsizing means a whole lot less to maintain. Or perhaps you are ready to unload your rentals to reinvest, and want help navigating the process to maximize your returns. Whatever the reasons for deciding to sell, having an advocate who is experienced in the ins and outs of our changing market can save countless hours, dollars, and general headache.


Valuing your home is one of the most important decisions in the sale process, but it can be difficult to do on your own. Between the emotional investment you have in your own home, and the ever-changing arena of “comps” in your area, putting a value on your home can be nerve-wracking.  As your Realtor and advocate, the market research and sheer volume of exposure to comparable sales I encounter every day means you can rest assured I will help you determine a sales price for your home that factors in all the numerous market forces, as well as your own pride of ownership and hard work over the years.

Does your home feature a few aspects you are “less than proud of?”  I recognize that life doesn’t always follow the path you want it to, and events can dictate selling a house before you’ve got everything just the way you want it.  Together we’ll work up a targeted action plan to highlight the things your are most proud of in your home, and use whatever resources are available to improve or present the rest in the best possible light – all in an effort to get you the most exposure, best offers, and highest final sales price for your home.

can you remember a better time to sell in portland?

The market it saturated with buyers vying for a house just like yours. Let me help you market your property for the best exposure, and negotiate on your behalf for a quick close and best terms. Drop me a line to schedule an assessment and comprehensive listing plan.